Dog The Bounty Hunter Doesn’t Like Me

Should the fact that Dog The Bounty Hunter dropped the N-bomb be considered news? Seriously, the question should be, is anyone actually suprised that this guy dropped the N-bomb?

I mean look at the man! He looks like some kind of failed professional wrestler with a penchant for cheap jewelry. Nevermind the “I’m too badass to wear sleeves” clothes…The hair. Jesus Christ the hair! He must have the same barber as Don Imus and Michael Richards. Was there a memo that went out telling racist celebrities to get f*cked up haircuts? Maybe the unkempt hair is how they indentify each other.

I wish I had more to write, but since I have never watched the guy’s show, it’s hard to really care all that much. I know Dog is a bounty hunter, which means he might come after me for writing this…Still, I’m not scared, because this guy is on Larry King right now, crying like a little schoolgirl b*tch. But just in case Dog does decide to seek revenge, I have upped the security at Casa De Leon, or as it’s better known, The Playboy Mansion East Coast. So Dog, if you’re mad at my black @ss for making fun of you, bring it! You’ll end up like that sketch at the end of Warning by The Notorious B.I.G.!

“Oh sh*t! You got a red dot on your head!”
“Oh sh*t! You got a red dot on your head, too!”
“OH SH*T!”

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  1. Mr. Galikonokis 15. Oct, 2008 at 6:39 pm #

    So it been about a year since the last post about Dog. I think he was certainly remorseful and I think he is truly a good person. A little redneck, but good nonetheless. It’s good to see that the majority o blacks forgive him or don’t really mind that this happened. It shows a level of forgiveness and in a weird way, empathy and understanding that takes a very mature person to show. Now, a year later I’d be eilling to bet that the little fucking snitch son has done been run out of that $15k 9 or 10 months ago and Dog has built a mansion in Hawaii and his show is back on making BIG money. Stupid kid. You don’t snitch on anyone but your father? Your rich father at that? What a fucking crackhead. Dog is probably the kind of guy that would say a prayer and forgive the kid but still. What a bad business move by the punk kid.

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