Jerry Stackhouse Dunked On By A Freshman

Someone call Jerry Stackhouse and remind him that he’s not young anymore! People shouldn’t make fun of him for getting dunked on per-se, because that kid John Wall is a highly regarded Kentucky University recruit. He’s supposed to dunk on people. I blame Jerry for not getting the f*ck out the way like you’re supposed to in a pickup game when you’re an established millionaire playing against young guys who can jump out the gym! Ah well. Lesson learned, plus I got something to make smartass remarks about out of the deal. Thanks for your temporary lapse in hoops judgement, Jerry.

Oh yeah, be sure to pick up today’s copy of the Washington Post Express, or check out the Blog Log online. They quoted my Anderson Silva entry.

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2 Responses to “Jerry Stackhouse Dunked On By A Freshman”

  1. Jabari Talib 10. Aug, 2009 at 4:08 pm #

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I am a huge Tar Heel fan.

    Stackhouse was dunked on because he attempted to provide help-side defense. I doubt Stack would get dunked on by the actual guy he was assigned to gaurd. If Stack hadn’t come over to help the guy guarding Wall, #1 in the white jersey, people would have said Stack was lazy on defense.

    The dunk was pretty nasty though.

  2. ListenToLeon 10. Aug, 2009 at 4:13 pm #

    You’re right @ Jabari Talib. Still, I guess that’s why Jerry Stackhouse is an NBA millionaire. My thought process upon seeing dude headed for the basket would be “Do I have time to foul him before he takes off? Should I get the fuck out the way? Maybe I should act like I didn’t see him and just give him the lane…” LOL

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