You’re Making My Job Too Easy

Senator Robert Arango gay sex site photos

Senator Robert Arango getting gay on the internet

N*gga. WTF?! I apologize in advance for starting today’s entry off with the “N-word”, but when I saw this Sen. Roberto Arango story on Gawker, those were the first words I said in reaction to it. Another lawmaker sex scandal? This one involving a gay hookup site called “Grindr” as well as photos of a Senator bent over butt-naked? Y’all are making it too easy for me. Lawmakers, for future reference, please stop taking photos of yourself in various states of undress and publishing them on the internet. I’m actually getting tired of making fun of you guys.

I didn’t think it could get any more ridiculous than Anthony Wiener talking about “No, that’s not my penis. Ok, well, I’m not quite sure if it’s my dick or not…Alright. You got me. It’s mine.” This story, however, takes the cake. It takes other things too, judging from the pose he’s in. I guess when you’re a lawmaker tooting your ass up in the air, that automatically makes one a power-bottom, since there actually is political clout involved with all the gayities going on. I guess that’s one for the guys from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to figure out.

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Feel free to make your own jokes up about this guy, because it’s Friday evening, and well, sh*t. It’s about to be my God-damned day off.

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4 Responses to “You’re Making My Job Too Easy”

  1. Tamara 26. Aug, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    I laughed at this for a good 10 minutes. What the hell is wrong w/ these dudes? It’s a new one every week!

    • ListenToLeon 26. Aug, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

      Yeah, you’d think folks would learn from the mistakes of their predecessors, but I guess not!

  2. Wonderlove 27. Aug, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    Oh he is soooo power-bottomin’ it from sea to shining sea….

    • ListenToLeon 29. Aug, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

      Yeah. I heard he resigned today. Now, he’s free to generate all the power he wants!

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