Separated At Birth – With Ghouls

Rajon Rondo kinda looks like an athletic version of zombie Michael Jackson from Thriller

The NBA Playoffs are pretty great right now, in no small part thanks to two point guards who scare the sh*t out of me. My favorite player to watch right now is Rajon Rondo since he has been simply amazing. That said, he kind of reminds me of Zombie Michael Jackson from the Thriller video. I think it’s the eyes…or maybe the strong-ass facial features. After an impressive basket, I sometimes expect him to stare at the camera and break out into choreography.

All jokes aside, Rondo is playing his ass off. If anyone ever doubted his importance to the Celtics, they should be believers by now. If not, I hope Rondo brings his zombie crew to your house and corners you like a little woman in spandex. You deserve it for not recognizing this man’s greatness!

Now, on to the Western Conference. I think that whichever team wins this San Antonio Spurs/Oklahoma City Thunder series will win the title. I also think that OKC point guard Russell Westbrook reminds me of the demon reverend from Beetlejuice.

Russell Westbrook vs the reverend from Beetlejuice

"I now pronounce you...ghoulish."

Once again, I think it comes down to hard-ass facial features. Westbrook is one of the most impressive athletes in the NBA. He’s also a stone-face killer looking dude. I’d say the millions of dollars and freakish talent are a more than fair trade-off for being the butt of jokes from some random guy named Leon. This recent win over the Spurs was a good look, so I’m happy for Russell. I just won’t say “Beetlejuice” three times around him. Hell, I’m only TYPING it twice in this entry!

So folks, are there any more lookalikes in this year’s NBA Playoffs? I remember comparing Stan Van Gundy to Ron Jeremy years ago, but the Orlando Magic are now a playoff memory and he got fired so I cannot use that one anymore.

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