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Bio | Yeah...I said it


Leon Scott is the creator of the award-winning humor blog ListenToLeon.net. On ListenToLeon.net, Leon shares his observational gems in hilarious fashion, utilizing his experience as a stand up comedian and graphic designer to produce an insightful, intelligent and extremely funny site. Leon performs comedy and also contributes regularly to various web and print publications.

The ListenToLeon Story

Leon, founder of ListenToLeon.net, was born on December 1st in the small town of Fredericksburg, VA. December 1st also happens to be the day that Richard Pryor, Woody Allen and Bette Midler were born, so it’s only natural that Leon possesses an extraordinary sense of humor.

A gifted athlete, Leon was the neighborhood slapboxing legend, known to literally slap people into next week. No bullsh*t. He slapped a guy once, and the man disappeared. One week later to the day, the victim fell down from apparently out of nowhere, with a red handprint on his cheek and no recollection of where he’d been the entire time that he was gone.


Rising through the ranks of the amateur slapboxing circuit, Leon knew it was time to go pro. He went on have a stellar professional career, culminating with his commanding victory over Julio Cesar Juanes Nacho-Comacho(who just to happens to look a LOT like Sonny Liston in that picture), which made him the Undisputed Ghettoweight Champion of the World.

Leon retired undefeated, with a 39-0 record, including an impressive 36 wins via b*tch-slap.

After accidentally blinding an opponent in one eye with his pinky finger, Leon felt compelled to do something good to balance out karma.

That is when he felt the calling to become a motivational speaker. Unfortunately, his series of low-budget audio cassettes, titled “Motherf*cker Get Your Sh*t Together!” did not sell very many, and Leon went into a period of financial debt.


Times were hard. Leon’s financial situation forced him to fall back on his irresistable charm, so he became a black gigolo living on the French Riviera. There, he was known as TheFonsono: Master Cocksman and World Class Poon Handler. Armed with a formidable wang and the gift of gab, Leon provided many nights of pleasurable pleasures to lonely, wealthy French women.

Upon waking up one morning in a strange bedroom with a $100 bill stuck to his forehead and a bacon & egg sandwich waiting on the dresser, Leon realized he’d hit rock-bottom. It was time to come back strong. He went in the studio and recorded his debut album, “Dry-Humping On Yo’ Momma’s Couch”.


The album included covers of hit songs by artists like Billy Ocean, Trick Daddy, Peter Cetera, Oran “Juice” Jones, Rick Astley, as well as a few original numbers. Ladies wanted to be with him. Men wanted to BE him! Leon had reached International Sex Symbol status. The man was Hasselhoff big in Germany! He’d step off the plane to chants of “Black Fabio!” “Black Fabio!”

Those were crazy times indeed. Being a nasty R&B singer gave Leon access to a life of excess. The hard-drinking,


and the many, many, MANY women,


were the stuff of legend. Not since the late, great Rick James, had the world seen such an unrelenting assault of pure unadulterated grown-man machismo unleashed in such abundance!


No one’s lady was safe! Right now, that new girlfriend of yours is probably old news to Leon, thanks to the many wild parties he threw during this period in his life.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Leon soon decided that it was time to make a positive difference in the world. He took it upon himself to make the Earth a better place, one person at a time, through laughter. Hence the creation of www.ListenToLeon.net.


ListenToLeon.net has sense served the public as an outlet for laughter and an escape from the trials and stresses of everyday life. People come to ListenToLeon.net to laugh. They come there to smile. Some come there to touch their private parts while thinking of Leon, but we won’t mention those folks. This is more than just a website…It’s a MOVEMENT!

Vive le ListenToLeon!