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No Fingering The President

Everywhere I go, I keep seeing this photo of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer sticking her finger in the face of President Obama. I wish I were a Secret Service agent on the scene when this happened. I would have tackled the f*ck out of her. It’s crazy the level of disrespect the first Black President […]

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How Does One Apply To Be A Luther?

I’m a few days late posting this clip, but “Key and Peele” on Comedy Central looks like it’s going to be hilarious. I wish I could let my inner “Luther” loose more often! If this were a real job in the Obama Administration, I’d be all over it. I am a master at reading between […]

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Monday Morning Throwback

Monday Morning Throwback

Although Rell looked like Dave Chappelle trying to act sexy, this was my song! I have played “Love For Free” three times, back-to-back this morning. I needed to hear something fun and light, since I’ve already found myself posting my thoughts on Rep. Eric Cantor on Twitter: Then about 30 minutes later, I found myself […]

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Calm Down Chris Brown

*An open letter from in the wake of Chris Brown’s Good Morning America tirade* Alright Chris Brown, enough is enough. As someone who wants to see you succeed, I’m going to deliver some tough love: You need to get your temper under control. Please, cut that High Yellow Incredible Hulk shit out. We don’t […]

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Tough Love Via Fake Mike Epps

I’m convinced daytime TV destroys more brain cells than drugs. I wonder how many paternity tests, fist fights, court shows, lie detector results and hours of Kathie Lee & Hoda it would take to kill a man. Out of everything that bothers me about daytime TV, sadly, one set of commercials stands out: Everest College. […]

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Analysis of a Celebrity Twitter Beef

I logged onto Twitter today, & fell into a comic GOLD MINE! RazB of B2K fame managed to insult Chris Brown while vying for the affections of Rihanna via his Twitter feed. Chris Brown responded to RazB, and all Hell broke a-loose in a glitter-sprinkled ball of R&B fury! I’m glad I don’t work as […]

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We Should Salute This Man!

When a bully picked on James Jones’ disabled daughter and put an open condom on her head, he went to the school, and they did nothing. So Mr. Jones proceeded to do what any red-blooded American would: he confronted that little bastard and put the fear of God in him! I’m not a father, but […]

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