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5 Reasons Why Baron Davis Will Never Be On My Level!

  Baron Davis and his Jheri curl have made headlines lately…but his hair is no match for mine! A friend recently posted that everyone is getting on Baron’s case about his curl, meanwhile I get a free pass. She even went so far as to tag it #lightskinprivilege. Let me let you all know the […]

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Game 7 and Other Assorted Thoughts

The NBA Finals are going to a decisive Game 7. This is all that a basketball fan could ever hope for. Two evenly-matched teams putting it all on the line, with everything at stake over the course of 48 minutes. That felt dramatic just typing it. I had a chill run through my body. Then […]

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Separated At Birth – With Ghouls

Separated At Birth – With Ghouls

The NBA Playoffs are pretty great right now, in no small part thanks to two point guards who scare the sh*t out of me. My favorite player to watch right now is Rajon Rondo since he has been simply amazing. That said, he kind of reminds me of Zombie Michael Jackson from the Thriller video. […]

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Congratulations To Flip Saunders

It’s not often that you can congratulate a man for getting fired, but getting fired from coaching the Washington Wizards is pretty much a blessing. Flip Saunders, congratulations on no longer having to find a way to compete in the NBA with a lackluster roster that may as well be called John Wall & the […]

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Hope You’re Not Scared of Clowns. Or Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman’s new look just scared me half to death. When I saw this photo from a recent exhibition game in China, I thought to myself “Dennis Rodman must have gone crazy.” Then, I took a step back and realized “He didn’t go crazy; He just went Rodman.” After witnessing Dennis Rodman’s journey throughout  what […]

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It Must Be Nice to Be David Stern

If you weren’t already convinced that NBA commissioner David Stern is a dictator, his recent actions should erase all existing doubt. After a lengthy lockout, I was just starting to get excited about the prospects of a new NBA season. A half-assed, 60-game season is better than none at all is what I told myself. […]

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Kobe Bryant NBA 2K11 Commercial

Watch closely. It’s hilarious how Kobe couldn’t even hold in the smirk as the video game version of Michael Jordan blocked Shaq’s shot around the 21 second mark of this clip. That split-second of pettiness definitely took the commercial to another level. All jokes aside, NBA 2K11 looks like it’s the sh*t though! Tweet

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