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Today’s Pookie Award Recipient: Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert

I’m sure you’re all tired of the LeBron James free agency saga. However, I must write about it once more since it gets more ridiculous by the hour. I’m having a hard time figuring out whose the bigger jackass, Lebron, or Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. Right now, I’m leaning towards Dan Gilbert, because his […]

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King…I Mean, Queen James And His Announcement

LeBron James is a drama queen. There, I said it. Thanks to this overgrown, muscle-bound diva, I will spend my Thursday night watching ESPN at 9:00 sharp, in order to see which team he’ll be playing for next year. This guy made every team on his wish list come to him, and now he’s making […]

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Ron Artest Has Come Full-Circle

I can’t believe I missed Ron Artest’s crazy post-game interview last night. The man shouted out everyone on Earth other than his coach and teammates, then plugged his new single! As much as I’d like to make jokes about Ron, I don’t blame him for being elated. I can’t even lie, I’m happy for him […]

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Kobe Bryant Kloser Commercial

I like this Vitamin Water commercial. Glad to see Kobe Bryant can laugh at himself and his ill-advised photoshoot. I still think the Nike “Write The Future” World Cup spot featuring him is better, but this one is entertaining as well. Tweet

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The NBA Finals: Where Gay Stuff Happens

A gay Lakers fan tried to pick me up last night. After a late workout, I decided to stop by Lounge of III and catch the 2nd half of Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. It’s the 1 year anniversary of the place, so I figured at […]

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I’m Hating On Behalf Of Short People Everywhere

I wonder if LeBron James runs up and down the court thinking things like “One of these days, I’m gonna accidentally hit my head on the rim. Give myself a concussion & still make the SportsCenter Top 10…” Us people on the ground respect it. Keep doing your thing, LeBron! Tweet

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Basketball Leagues That Should Have Been

In the wake of this ridiculous new whites-only basketball league being formed, here are some suggestions of new leagues that would actually make money and be entertaining to watch. The dummy behind this idea should have invested his cash in one of these ideas instead: The Under 6 Foot Tall Basketball Association – If this […]

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