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Since We’re Still Here

It appears that those Mayan apocalyptic predictions have not come to pass. Then again, I’m no expert on spirituality, so maybe they did. If so, that means my personal version of Hell is that of a struggle blogger. If this is the case, then eternal damnation is not as bad as they make it sound […]

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Caption This Photo – Herman Cain Edition

Herman Cain obviously wants me to continue making fun of him. Now that the closest thing we have to a real-life version of Uncle Ruckus has posed for a photo enjoying the Hell out of some chicken wings with Michele Bachmann, I am convinced that he’s playing us all. Don’t be surprised when this guy […]

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Somebody REALLY Likes Popeye’s Chicken

From the random Facebook files: I am hoping and praying that this is Photoshop and not a real tattoo. Then again, if it is, it proves my Fried Chicken Theory. The myth that black people love fried chicken is just that; a myth. Alright, I can’t lie, it’s actually pretty true…but I’m just saying. Everybody […]

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Living Up To The Name Leon, One Stereotype At A Time

There is a lot in a name. Especially when you’re a black guy with an ex-con name like “Leon.” I realize that some of the things that I do are simply out of my control. Despite my intellect, winning personality and overall unofficial sex symbol aura, from time to time, I find myself behaving in […]

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Last Day In New York City

…and I’ve actually managed to stay out of trouble. The fact that I’ve had to get up at the ass-crack of dawn every day for this conference is the main reason why. I was so tired last night, that I fell asleep with the lights on and the Hip Hop issue of Wax Poetics magazine […]

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KFC’s Slow Death Sandwich Is Here

Fried chicken. Bacon. Cheese. Then, MORE fried chicken. While part of me is disgusted by this new KFC Double Down sandwich, the other part of me is thinking “Leon, you like all of these things individually, so why not try it?” Luckily, my inner n*gga(which is rejoicing at the news of this sandwich) is not […]

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In Light Of All This Chicken Talk

A Chappelle’s Show clip that came to mind after seeing all this free chicken excitement. Enjoy it now, before YouTube shuts it down over copyright issues! Tweet

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