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Stop Eating People!

There have been two different cannibal stories in the news in less than a week. That’s a new level of “crazy.” I need folks to stop eating people. ASAP! At least the fool in Florida can blame it on drugs. That said, the drug he took was called bath salts. It’s kind of scary to […]

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What In The Leatherface Hell?!

What In The Leatherface Hell?!

Yes, this woman is real. Her name is Patricia Krentcil. She is facing criminal charges for allegedly taking her 5 year old daughter into a tanning booth with her. Judging from her char-broiled appearance, I doubt that any jury on Earth would believe a word she says. The only thing missing from this fool’s face […]

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Westboro Baptist Is Protesting Whitney Houston’s Funeral?!

Somebody please tell me that those clowns at Westboro Baptist Church are not planning on protesting Whitney Houston’s funeral! Please? Anybody? I really hope that it’s not true, but if it is, World Star Hip Hop needs to be there to capture all the ass whippings that will surely take place. I would PAY to […]

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Hope You’re Not Scared of Clowns. Or Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman’s new look just scared me half to death. When I saw this photo from a recent exhibition game in China, I thought to myself “Dennis Rodman must have gone crazy.” Then, I took a step back and realized “He didn’t go crazy; He just went Rodman.” After witnessing Dennis Rodman’s journey throughout  what […]

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The Creepiest Campaign Ad I’ve Ever Seen

  I’ve been meaning to make fun of Herman Cain over here for a few weeks now, but work has been keeping me too busy to post as frequently as I’ve wanted to. However, Herman Cain has now forced me to give him a moment in the spotlight by releasing the single creepiest campaign ad […]

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My Homeless Racist Assailant

I had the most ridiculous racist experience of my life last Thursday. I was working late that evening, and did not leave the office until around 8PM. Instead of going straight home, I decided to stop by the Borders on L Street. That particular store is going out of business, so I decided to reward […]

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Never Trust a Man With a Handebar Mustache

I hate to bring more attention to Pastor Terry Jones, but it is my duty as a humorist to make fun of simpletons. Therefore, I am about to roast this guy with jokes in the same manner than his church plans to burn up a bunch of Qurans on September 11.  What this guy is […]

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