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Celebrity Crush: UK Edition

Celebrity Crush: UK Edition

Corrine Bailey Rae is my new celebrity crush. I know she’s been around for awhile, so her serious fans are probably looking at me like “where the Hell have YOU been the past 4 years?” I’ve always liked her music, but the moment when “like” turned to “love” was when I first heard this: I’ve […]

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I Think I’m In Love Again

Love at first sight exists, and her name is Zoe Saldana. She has replaced Lauren London and Alicia Keys as the holder of the top spot in Leon’s Celebrity Crushes. I’d put a grizzly bear in a rear naked choke until it taps out for a date with Zoe. I wouldn’t even expect her to […]

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The Erin Andrews Video Incident

I really feel bad for Erin Andrews right now. For those unaware of the story, Erin Andrews is a reporter for ESPN who was secretly videotaped naked in her hotel room, and the clip began appearing online this past week. It’s a scary situation; one that makes you think that you can’t even relax in […]

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I Used To Love Her

I’m not talking about hip-hop. I’m talking about Tracie Spencer! Back when I was a young whipper-snapper who’d never even come close to getting any stank on my hands, I would see this video on BET and say to myself “That’s the woman of my dreams!” Tweet

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Ethiopian Women: This One’s For You

Today I was having a discussion online with Domonic, Cal, and Hassan about the inherent sexiness of many Ethiopian women. Then it hit me: I have YET to devote blog space to this topic. Considering that it is definitely one that inspires passion and good memories, I shall proclaim this day “Sexy Ethiopian Woman Day” […]

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It’s a Celebration, B*tches!

It’s a Celebration, B*tches!

Alright y’all…the people have spoken. I have decided that I need to do something nice to make up for yesterday’s use of my blog for evil instead of good. Since I wield a significant amount of influence(let me have that one delusion of grandeur, y’all), Today is CELEBRATE WOMEN DAY. I shall make up for […]

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