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AB-sessive Compulsive

I ate a lot of great food last weekend, most of which, I should have consumed in moderation. As a result, my stomach has felt like the ghost of ReRun has been popping & locking in there for the past two days. The worst part about it(aside from blowing up bathrooms) is the fact that […]

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Tigger Has Moves!

Tigger always was my favorite Winnie The Pooh character! Glad to see he’s got some moves! Cipo&Baxx Jeans Tweet

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Drunken Camera Discoveries

Ever find a drunken video on your camera that you don’t remember making? Yeah…That happened to me. Last week, I discovered this clip of me getting my Carlton Banks on from New Year’s Eve. That’s right: This silly mess has marinated for 5 months without me even knowing it existed! Maybe it should have stayed […]

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Get It, Grandma!!!

When I saw the title of this video, “Grandma Tracy Breakdancing at Mad Decent NYC Block Party” I knew it would be funny. Grandma Tracy did not let me down! She was gettin’ it out there! Rather impressive, especially considering she is old enough to actually leave the house sporting a fanny pack. Tweet

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Ohh Laa Ohh Laa Ayy!

How many of y’all busted your respective asses trying to do the dance move at the 2:55 mark? I pulled it off once in life, and amazingly, it happened when I was sh*t-face drunk. I think the fact that I had no fear of falling down and hurting myself helped greatly! Tweet

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Man Law: Men Should Not Table Dance

This morning, I was posed a question from my friend Sasha of Hip-Hop Trivia Night fame about something she witnessed at a party. These are her exact words, lifted from her Facebook page: A couple dudes were table dancing last night, and I was puzzled about the man law of that act? Sasha, the answer […]

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Pole Dancing at Bacheror Parties? Yes. Weddings? No

If ever there were proof that God intended for pole dancing to remain in strip clubs and out of places like aerobic classes and family gatherings, it’s this clip right here. Tweet

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