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My First Television Writing Credit

My First Television Writing Credit

A few weeks back, I mentioned to you all that I co-wrote a sketch with the DC Comedy Writers Group for the CNN-hosted Congressional Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner. I meant to post it earlier, but I managed to lock myself out of this blog while working on technical updates and had to figure out a […]

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‘Cause Pee Wee Said So

Stay yo’ ass off of drugs!!! Yes, I know this is random as Hell, but it made me smile this morning so I’m sharing it. Hopefully, hard drug addicts are not my target demographic. Just in case a few slipped through the, ahem, cracks, this message goes out to you. Seriously though, I know Pee […]

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In Honor of 420

The funny thing about 4/20 is that everyone I know who actually celebrates it, pretty much celebrates 4/20 every other day of the year, too. That’s just kind of how it goes. 4:20, the legendary time when it’s acceptable for weed smokers to be weed smokers, has always been interesting to me. Mainly, because I’ve […]

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One Way To Get Drugs Off The Street

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico Gotta love The Onion! Tweet

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The Manny Ramirez Suspension

I haven’t browsed that VH1 site yet to see who they chose as having the “Worst Week Ever”, but if I had to select a candidate, I’d pick Manny Ramirez thanks to his 50 game suspension. Well, I guess the first US swine flu victim had a worse week since it was her last week […]

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Salvia Revisited

It’s funny how things work when it comes to news stories and the internet. There seems to be a certain serendipity to the stuff that shows up in my RSS feed and e-mail. For example, I found out about King Magazine’s impending departure, which led to me looking through my old Fine Sh*terature entries and […]

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Man, F*ck Cancun!

To all of you readers who are on Spring Break or are about to go on Spring Break, be careful if you’re planning on taking trips to Mexico. The drug wars out there sound pretty crazy right now. I just got through reading about a story where five human heads were found in separate coolers […]

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