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Leon Scott Otis Story

Story League

I competed in Story League recently, a comedic storytelling contest here in DC. Although I did not win, people keep telling me they like my story so I’m sharing it here. Some of you may remember my “Otis” tale from years ago, but here is the updated, tightened up, “I’m trying to win $500″ version […]

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Black People PR Mishaps

Black People PR Mishaps

Black folks; this one’s for you. White people, Hispanics, Asians and everyone else, this goes out to you as well. It just directly affects Black people a little bit more. Hope that first sentence did not make you feel alienated. If so, here’s a digital hug. Come on…Bring it on in here… There you go. […]

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The Ray J Rant

The Ray J Rant

When tweeting it real goes wrong: The nigga-net is going wild right now with this whole Ray J vs Fabolous beef that started on Twitter and allegedly branched off into real-life violence. One of Fabolous’ tweets made fun of Ray J, and he didn’t take too kindly to it. There are conflicting reports on whom […]

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One More Reason To Respect Larry Merchant

Larry Merchant is a hater. Always has been, always will be. That said, it takes a real set of gonads to constantly antagonize men who are trained to beat people up for a living. We all witnessed that last night during the controversial Floyd Mayweather Jr. knockout of Victor Ortiz. When called out by Mayweather […]

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As Seen On Leon’s Phone: DC Carnival Edition

I know it’s a recession and eveybody’s trying to make a buck(or in this case, $2), but this is ridiculous. I could understand the folks on the street selling water bottles they bought in bulk at Costco & Target to the Caribbean Carnival masses last Saturday, but selling these same people the right to pee? […]

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Batman Pow Image

Batman Got Whupped On

Who knew Batman has a bad attitude AND can’t fight worth a damn? More importantly, why is the man in this video walking the street in a Batman costume in the first place? It’s hard to feel sympathy for someone getting whupped on, when that fellow is bothering people while dressed like one of the […]

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Bella Gonzalez girlfriend of Shane Mosley

The REAL Winner of the Pacquiao Mosley Fight

Sugar Shane may have lost, but he still kinda won! After the Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley fight, It’s funny how more people are talking about Sugar Shane’s girlfriend than the actual bout itself. I did not watch the contest, but my conversations with quite a few people who did went something like this: Leon […]

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