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Benverine may not beat Wolverine in a fight, but he’ll out dance him any day of the week. Whomever made this Photoshop deserves the honor of having his or her bones coated with adamantium. Only one other image could make me smile this much today, and that’s the photo of the Royal Baby. A PRINCE IS […]

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Jordan Had To Start Somewhere

Jordan Had To Start Somewhere

Before MJ was selling shoes & Hanes, he was hawking hair care products. I hope “Ultra Star” isn’t the reason he’s bald now. If so, it proved great for marketing since Michael Jordan was the undisputed king of the shaved scalp back in those days. I love that “Martin” from the Cosby Show, a.k.a. “Wayman […]

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My Honest Snow White And The Huntsman Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a movie review. I started to write one after I saw The Avengers, but I realized it would have consisted of two sentences: “I’d pay to see it again! Sh*t!” Since that’s more of a tweet than a blog entry, let me talk about the film I saw last […]

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Come See Me at the DC Improv Friday the 13th

I’m going to go Jason Voorhees on your sense of humor this Friday at the DC Improv. No need to be scared; you might die laughing at my show, but come 10PM, life goes on. You’ll have to find some way to compose yourself after enjoying the natural high I’m going to take you on, […]

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Beats Rhymes and Life Tonight

I’m going to see Beats Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest tonight since it’s opening in DC. I had a chance to see it last weekend in Los Angeles, but well, liquor happened, and I didn’t make it to the theater. This time, I bought my tickets in advance. I hate […]

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Tyler Perry as Madea

Diary of a 6-Foot Tall Black Man Dressed Up Like a Mad Black Woman

Obviously, this is Tyler Perry discussion. A few days ago, one of my white co-workers approached me, the lone black guy in the office, and asked “What’s your opinion on Tyler Perry movies?” I already know what you’re thinking, and before you guys start asking if I went to Human Resources about it, let me […]

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Diversifying My Hustle

Today is my Uncle Tommy’s 70th birthday, and yesterday would have been my Dad’s 61st. When I was younger, my Dad encouraged me to learn as many different hustles as possible so that I could always make money in a tight spot. That entrepreneurial hustler spirit is part of the reason this blog was created. […]

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