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The other day, I bought a salad from a restaurant I’ve never been to before. I ate 2/3s of it, and openly proclaimed that it was outstanding. The taste gave me the urge to grin like an idiot, but I thought to myself “Leon, act like you been there before” and wisely kept my cool. […]

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Did Anybody Really Miss the McRib?

McDonalds’ PR staff is working overtime! I don’t know one person who has fond memories of the McRib sandwich, yet everywhere I go, I’m seeing or hearing some kind of hype about it. Until I see someone in my inner circle do a backflip and run down the street yelling “The McRib is back! Praise […]

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Indian Food! From A Truck!

Last weekend I ate Indian food from a truck, and lived to tell the tale. Not only am I alive and bubble-guts free; I am craving another opportunity to eat there. It was THAT GOOD! The truck that I ate from was called Sâuçá, and a good way to know it’s location is via their […]

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A Misfortune Cookie

The photo above is what was inside of a fortune cookie that I opened on Saturday. What kind of jerk puts something like this inside of a cookie?! I don’t know if this is telling me that I’m destined to go to prison, or become the victim of some type of criminal act. As you […]

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Red Hot Chili Peppers

I recently read a story about chili pepper so hot, the Indian military is using them to make grenades to combat terrorists. Think about that one for a second: Chili pepper so extreme, that you can make actual military-grade weapons out of ‘em! They say these bhut jolokia, or ghost peppers are 400 times as […]

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Egg Nog

What do the makers of Egg Nog do for the rest of the year? I know I only see that stuff in the store during the Christmas/New Years Holiday season. What are they doing the other 10 months of the year? I suspect that the makers of Egg Nog are part of a secret underground […]

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Drunk Food

In light of the jumbo slice pizza entry that I wrote awhile back, I began thinking about meals that I only seem to crave after a night of drinking. Some of these foods are perfectly acceptable to eat while sober. Others are only good after heavy alcohol consumption. Below, I have compiled a list of […]

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