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You’re Making My Job Too Easy

N*gga. WTF?! I apologize in advance for starting today’s entry off with the “N-word”, but when I saw this Sen. Roberto Arango story on Gawker, those were the first words I said in reaction to it. Another lawmaker sex scandal? This one involving a gay hookup site called “Grindr” as well as photos of a […]

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People Are Crazy

Warning: This post contains a defense of Michele Bachmann as well as a plea on behalf of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. I promise that it will all make sense in the end. It’s not as strange as it sounds… Now that I got the disclaimer out of the way, let me begin by […]

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Flirt Boundaries

I am an amateur sex symbol. I’m sure you knew that the moment you laid eyes on the oh-so classy photo above. I say “amateur” mainly because, well, honestly, I am not quite good-looking enough for people to actually pay me for it. Then again, I am aesthetically pleasing enough to run my mouth and […]

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Hungry Eyes

This morning I had a conversation about straight people going to gay functions. For example, a very good friend of mine is gay. Not just gay, but stereotypically gay.  It’s to the point that I’m surprised he doesn’t wear chimes and have a trail of glitter following behind him. I go to his birthday cookout […]

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Was That A Test?

To all my gay and straight readers, I need your help for a minute. I’m going to describe something that happened to me on Friday and I need your opinion on the true meaning behind everything. Without further adieu, let me get down to the nitty-gritty… Friday evening, I attended a happy hour at my friend’s […]

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Analysis of a Celebrity Twitter Beef

I logged onto Twitter today, & fell into a comic GOLD MINE! RazB of B2K fame managed to insult Chris Brown while vying for the affections of Rihanna via his Twitter feed. Chris Brown responded to RazB, and all Hell broke a-loose in a glitter-sprinkled ball of R&B fury! I’m glad I don’t work as […]

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When Our Heroes Wear Muscle Shirts

For the past week, I have tried to avoid making fun of the Bishop Eddie Long scandal. My reason for this is because I figured every joke possible has already been made. I’m looking at my Twitter timeline and seeing names like @BishopEddieLongstroke and @EddieSchlong being retweeted. It’s so bad that my bartender friend Jeremy […]

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