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He Never Had A Chance

Once again, on the topic of names that scream out “I’m from the ‘hood”…Why would someone do this to their child? Naming a kid something stupid like “Darealyst” should be considered a form of abuse. Maybe not punishable by jail, but by something equally ridiculous and embarrassing so that the parent can know what the […]

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Toshica’s Finest

Toshica’s Finest

During a recent trip to the grocery store, I walked in the hair care aisle and noticed a brand called Toshica’s Finest. I thought to myself: “You know what? I’m not mad at Toshica!” This woman has embraced her “urban” first name, and branded her product with it. She could have named her hair care […]

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Skillz Featuring Keyshia Cole So Ghetto

I just saw this fan video for the song So Ghetto from Skillz’ latest mixtape with Jazzy Jeff and J. Peroid, Infamous Quotes. The clip is chock-full of classic trifling photos of…well…n*gga sh*t. Fans of sites such as You Know You Dead Azz Wrong and Hot Ghetto Mess should be thoroughly entertained. I figured if […]

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Sony Walkman Phone

When I hear the word “Walkman” I think of old school cassette players like the one pictured above. I can’t believe Sony is still putting out products under that name. High tech products, no less! That’s like Ford creating the world’s 1st luxury car that runs on kool-aid, and naming it “The all new Ford […]

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Tales From The Emergency Room

Yesterday, I wrote about having my creativity depleted by an affliction. Well, once again the gout decided to stage a comeback. This time, the sequel was quite aggresive, like an action movie. The Gout Strikes Back. Raiders of the Lost Gout. Gout in Africa. Gout’s Big Score! Gout Hard With A Vengeance. Whatever the case, […]

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March Madness Indeed

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the George Mason University men’s basketball team on it’s sensational run to the Final Four. this team has proven a lot of folks wrong, myself included. I didn’t even think they were going to beat Michigan State in the first round, but they have seemingly gotten stronger […]

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