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Let’s face it; the best thing about rappers these days are their trademark ad-libs. Therefore, a sound board featuring some of the most prominent utterances in the history of hip-hop is automatically the greatest website ever! Well…the greatest site NOT named Let’s clear that up right now. I am having way too much fun […]

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Xzibit Facebook While You Facebook

Facebook = Accidental Comedy

Days ago, I came to terms with the fact that recent Facebook changes have made me an easy stalker target. That said, I’ve only had one person make a weird she’s-obviously-checking-my-profile-waaaaay-too-much type of stalker-ish comment to me since everything took place. I was like, O.K. cool. I can deal with one pressed clown. That’s nothing. […]

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You’re Making My Job Too Easy

N*gga. WTF?! I apologize in advance for starting today’s entry off with the “N-word”, but when I saw this Sen. Roberto Arango story on Gawker, those were the first words I said in reaction to it. Another lawmaker sex scandal? This one involving a gay hookup site called “Grindr” as well as photos of a […]

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Bra-Ledge and Wisdom

I just recently discovered the meaning behind women’s bra sizes. Yes, it took me over 30 years to find out that the number is the size of the woman’s back & the letter is the actual breast size. In essence, the smaller the number, the smaller the woman, and the bigger the letter, bigger the […]

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Rolling Out

I was recently interviewed by the lovely and talented Zondra Hughes of Six Brown Chicks for Rolling Out. Check it out when you get a chance, and let me know what you think. Tweet

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My Scholarly Thoughts on Planking

Although I’m not big on the planking craze that the bulk of Black Twitter discovered this week, I have to admit; it’s really funny when it’s either ridiculously absurd or when it goes terribly wrong. For those who are not internet geeks like myself, here is the unofficial definition of planking, written by yours truly: […]

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disregard females

Who Is This Guy?

All over the internet, I keep seeing images of the same colonial pimp-looking guy with rap phrases spelled out in the King’s English. Apparently, I missed the meme on this one, but I don’t care. The photos make me smile. If anyone can direct me to where I can find more pictures of this portrait […]

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