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My Cat From Hell

Jackson Galaxy, I need your help! My girlfriend’s cat, Pepper, is a hater. BIG TIME. Whenever I visit her Pepper waits for me to leave the room then pees in the exact spot where I was sitting. Readers: have you ever smelled fresh cat urine before? It is not for the faint of heart. Cats […]

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The Consolation Prize Valentines Mixtape

The Consolation Prize Valentines Mixtape

When I’m alone in my room sometimes I stare at the wall, and in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call…Oh! Hello internet! Did not realize you all were standing there. I was having a James Todd Smith moment while thinking about Valentines Day. I made a  miniature mixtape this year, as I have […]

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Will You Be My Valentine?

Will You Be My Valentine?

This is my first Valentine’s Day in awhile where I am not dating anyone. It’s been pretty refreshing to know that I am not expected to do anything for anyone else on Earth today. The only drawback to this freedom is that it has also “liberated” me from enjoying the sexual payoff that comes from […]

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Do Women Really Have Trouble Meeting Men?

Yesterday I overheard two women talking, and one kept saying how hard it is to meet guys. It took everything in my power not to interrupt them and ask for more clarification. I’ve always  been led to believe that for women, breathing + having three holes = someone, somewhere will hit on you. These ladies […]

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Celebrity Crush: UK Edition

Celebrity Crush: UK Edition

Corrine Bailey Rae is my new celebrity crush. I know she’s been around for awhile, so her serious fans are probably looking at me like “where the Hell have YOU been the past 4 years?” I’ve always liked her music, but the moment when “like” turned to “love” was when I first heard this: I’ve […]

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Love Beat My Ass – A Valentine’s Mixtape

Once again, I have put together a Valentine’s Day Mixtape for your listening pleasure. This year, however, I decided to dial back the sex emphasis and paint an honest portrait of love from all angles, titled Love Beat My Ass. I did this mainly because I have been going through a little something lately in […]

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The “I’m Off The Market” Courtesy Call

A few friends of mine have gotten married/engaged/ found girlfriends recently. One in particular lamented the fact that after he proposed, he had to call a bunch of women that he used to see in order to let them know that he is about to be out of the game for good. This made me […]

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