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Black People PR Mishaps

Black People PR Mishaps

Black folks; this one’s for you. White people, Hispanics, Asians and everyone else, this goes out to you as well. It just directly affects Black people a little bit more. Hope that first sentence did not make you feel alienated. If so, here’s a digital hug. Come on…Bring it on in here… There you go. […]

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The Classy Way To Fart

I already know what you’re thinking: “Great… Leon is resorting to more jokes about flatulence.” Before you walk away disgusted or disappointed, I promise you that you are going to want to read this entry, despite it’s oxymoron of a title. It’s informative. It’s powerful. IT JUST MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Last week, I was […]

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How I Feel About Metro

This video has been out for a few days now, but I have to post it since it’s great. As you probably know from past posts, I can relate to a number of these Metro experiences that GoRemy mentions in the song. ESPECIALLY the question of “how does one have body odor 1st thing in […]

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Live From The Metro Derailment

As you’ve probably already heard, a Metro train derailed at Farragut North station this morning and wreaked all kinds of havoc downtown. What you didn’t know, is that your man Leon was 5 minutes from being a passenger on that train. I ended up on the next one directly behind it, and was stuck at […]

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Metro Sucks

I see why bloggers like Metro Man NEVER run out of material. My trip to work this morning was symbolic of all things wrong with the Metrorail system. I’m not even sure where I should begin with this rant, because there were that many frustrating details of my ride to work. When I finally arrived […]

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Thank You Honolulu!

Honolulu is looking to ban B.O. on public transportation. The bill will be heard tomorrow by the city council, and it’s looking to rid buses of smelly, disgusting, stank-ass passengers. I salute you, Honolulu, because I feel that making people wear deodorant and wash their asses should be a federal law! Tweet

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People Stuck In Train Doors

I had a Metro Man moment this morning. On my way to work, I witnessed a woman try to rush her way onto the train, only to get stuck in the doors. To those unfamiliar to the DC metrorail system, the doors do not re-open easily like in other cites(like New York, I’m told). The […]

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