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Separated At Birth – With Ghouls

Separated At Birth – With Ghouls

The NBA Playoffs are pretty great right now, in no small part thanks to two point guards who scare the sh*t out of me. My favorite player to watch right now is Rajon Rondo since he has been simply amazing. That said, he kind of reminds me of Zombie Michael Jackson from the Thriller video. […]

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Seasonal Depression

I never believed that seasonal depression was real until this past week. I had one of the greatest Labor Day weekends ever. Then, the Summer just up and left in the middle of the night, without so much as leaving a note for me. The only way the seasonal change could have been worse is […]

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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

In honor of Michael Jackson’s birthday, I shall go outside and do exactly what Mike said to in this video clip! All jokes aside, rest in peace, MJ. I should probably change the header on this site now, because he’s been dead for over two years. I think my comedic tribute might be getting a […]

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Some Classical Music For Y’all

I heard the following song playing in Barnes & Nobles last weekend and LOST MY SH*T! How can this NOT make you happy?! I’m sure the spirit of Michael Jackson is smiling right now! Annie is indeed O.K.; She’s been hanging out with the String Orchestra crowd all of this time. The group is aptly […]

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Thriller Jacket For Sale

Can anyone loan me $1,000,000.37 so I can win the auction for Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket? No? You mean to tell me, not nay one of you has $1,000,000.37 to spare? Well then. F*ck y’all! I don’t need your damned help! I already have a Thriller jacket. I’ll just get Jermaine to sign it or […]

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Picture Me Rollin

This is why I do not do the Tumblr thing. I’d waste ridiculous amounts of time posting silly gifs like the one above. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m off from work, so a Michael Jackson Beat It Body Roll is about to happen somewhere. You’ve been warned, America! Tweet

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Celebrating the Life of Michael Jackson

I still can’t believe it’s been a year since Michael Jackson died. I can’t lie, to me, it still kind of feels like losing a friend or relative, although I never met the man. That’s the kind of impact his music has had on me over the years. But enough of sad shit. Uncle Mike(as […]

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