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Hope You’re Not Scared of Clowns. Or Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman’s new look just scared me half to death. When I saw this photo from a recent exhibition game in China, I thought to myself “Dennis Rodman must have gone crazy.” Then, I took a step back and realized “He didn’t go crazy; He just went Rodman.” After witnessing Dennis Rodman’s journey throughout  what […]

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It Must Be Nice to Be David Stern

If you weren’t already convinced that NBA commissioner David Stern is a dictator, his recent actions should erase all existing doubt. After a lengthy lockout, I was just starting to get excited about the prospects of a new NBA season. A half-assed, 60-game season is better than none at all is what I told myself. […]

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Already Missing the NBA

I just learned that the NBA canceled 2 more weeks of it’s season as the lockout continues. As a basketball fan, this upsets me. I am already having a bad day, so on top of everything else, the news that my favorite sport is that much closer to not having a season at all makes […]

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Welcome Back, NFL!

I’m really glad that the NFL lockout is over. With the NBA still locked out, at least I know one of my favorite sports will be on TV. We faced a Fall of ESPN programming that would have had to air random events like the World Series of Thumb Wrestling or the NCAA Beer Pong […]

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Miss Sam Cassell Face

Yesterday I saw a woman with the perfect body.  However, there was one glaring problem: She looked like Sam Cassell in the face. This woman was living proof that God has a sense of humor. A sharp, twisted one at that. To put those long legs, that slim waist, those nice breasts and that OUTSTANDING […]

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Kobe Bryant NBA 2K11 Commercial

Watch closely. It’s hilarious how Kobe couldn’t even hold in the smirk as the video game version of Michael Jordan blocked Shaq’s shot around the 21 second mark of this clip. That split-second of pettiness definitely took the commercial to another level. All jokes aside, NBA 2K11 looks like it’s the sh*t though! Tweet

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Today’s Pookie Award Recipient: Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert

I’m sure you’re all tired of the LeBron James free agency saga. However, I must write about it once more since it gets more ridiculous by the hour. I’m having a hard time figuring out whose the bigger jackass, Lebron, or Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. Right now, I’m leaning towards Dan Gilbert, because his […]

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