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At The Mercy of Technology

After somehow managing to delete 90% of my contacts the other day, I had a moment of clarity: My cell phone runs my life. There; I admitted it. I’m nobody’s b*tch, but my phone has more influence over me than most pimps have over any whore in his or her stable. If something bad happens […]

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The Missing Digit

If someone gives you a phone number and leaves off the last digit, that’s a bad sign, right? How many of you ladies have ever done that on purpose to some guy you met? As a man, I don’t think my pride or lack of patience would allow me to dial ten different numbers like, […]

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Fooling Myself

Last night I tried to outsmart myself, yet still ended up looking like an idiot. I’ve gone all day long thinking that my cell phone battery was dead since I left the charger in a work conference room. Once I finally got a chance to go in there and plug it in, the screen said […]

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Getting Hung Up On

When was the last time someone hung up the phone on you? It’s been a long time since anyone has done that to me, but one of my friends had it happen to her on Friday. She said that some guy she’s only known a couple of weeks got mad that she could not hang […]

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Comcast Once Again Thwarts My Plans

My internet has been down all weekend. I’ve had to use my phone in order to check my email and occasionally send Twitter updates. You can call me an internet addict if you want to, but I’m pretty frustrated about not being able to do what I want to do online. I have a lot […]

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Sony Walkman Phone

When I hear the word “Walkman” I think of old school cassette players like the one pictured above. I can’t believe Sony is still putting out products under that name. High tech products, no less! That’s like Ford creating the world’s 1st luxury car that runs on kool-aid, and naming it “The all new Ford […]

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Thanks To The Smoking Section and Samuel L. Jackson

I am generally a winner in life. That said, I rarely win contests that are out of my control. Arguments? Yep. Fights? Damn right. The hearts of women around the globe? You betcha. But ask me to play the lottery, and I will look at you like you’re stupid, then say “I might as well […]

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