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Murder Rap Cops

I read a story the other day about a New Jersey police officer that makes gangsta rap videos. The worst part about this is that I am not the least bit shocked that someone entrusted to uphold the law is threatening to kill people to a beat. I have no problem with creative expression, but […]

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Stop Eating People!

There have been two different cannibal stories in the news in less than a week. That’s a new level of “crazy.” I need folks to stop eating people. ASAP! At least the fool in Florida can blame it on drugs. That said, the drug he took was called bath salts. It’s kind of scary to […]

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Poor Bumblebee

Scenes from the third Transformers movie are being shot in DC, and filmmakers had a first-hand encounter with DC police. As you can see, Bumblebee got the worst of that meeting today! I wish they’d said what type of emergency the officer was responding to. If that dude was actually on his way to get […]

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More Gate-Jumpers: Kid Cudi Edition

What is it with goofy motherf*ckers running around where they’re not supposed to? Kid Cudi wanted to whup that ass! He went from singing about The Pursuit of Happiness to charging offstage in the pursuit of bloody vengeance. I love it! Basically, if you make a grown man in skinny jeans mad enough to attack […]

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I Will Park My Foot In A DC Councilmember’s Ass

The days of free parking on Saturdays in DC are over. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t like this one bit. DC already gets a ton of money from drivers via red light cameras and utterly confusing sign combinations. To start charging people for weekend parking is just plain greedy. I don’t […]

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Who Brings A Gun To A Snowball Fight?!

Apparently, Detective Baylor does! Today in DC, an off-duty police officer decided to break up a snowball fight, BY PULLING OUT HIS GUN! Can you say “anger management” people? How about “overreaction?” Or “asshole” maybe?    Tweet

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Police Bullying Caught On Tape

While returning home from my friend Dave’s party on Saturday night, I drunkenly witnessed some dude getting arrested, and also being the victim of almost but not really police brutality. It was more like “police bullying” or “blue uniform thuggin’” than police brutality, since no blows were delivered.Still, I had to tape it and make […]

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