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I Am The Future, Apparently

According to a bunch of scientists, someday all of mankind will look just as racially ambiguous as I do. That’s right; thanks to evolution, when you’re looking at me, you’re looking at the future. A handsome vision of the future. A handsome vision of the future with the gift of gab. I am so far […]

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Black People PR Mishaps

Black People PR Mishaps

Black folks; this one’s for you. White people, Hispanics, Asians and everyone else, this goes out to you as well. It just directly affects Black people a little bit more. Hope that first sentence did not make you feel alienated. If so, here’s a digital hug. Come on…Bring it on in here… There you go. […]

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Adidas AdiKunta Mid

I want to know the name of the Adidas executive who green-lit the release of sneakers with shackles on them. There is no possible way to market the JS Roundhouse Mids without making a slavery or prison comparison. The only way they these shoes could be more racist is if they had embossed images of […]

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Trayvon Martin Did Not Die For This…

Trayvon Martin Did Not Die For This…

I have gone this long without doing a Trayvon Martin post, so it’s about time for me to chime in. Why not? It seems like everyone else has an opinion, and they run the gamut from insightful to utterly ridiculous. Judging from the above photo that the homie @AngryBlkManDC posted, even strippers are making political […]

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Reverse Racism Does Not Exist

Racial issues have been in the news a lot lately. As a black man, albeit a high-yellow one, I feel it is my duty to enlighten the masses on one particular fact: Black people cannot be racist. Some black folks are definitely prejudiced. Some are hateful. I definitely know a bunch of ignorant ones. All of […]

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Officially THE Worst Black History Month Since The Middle Passage

Officially THE Worst Black History Month Since The Middle Passage

We lost Don Cornelius, Whitney Houston, and now THIS?! As wrong yet hilarious as this this Photoshop image is, think about what I typed for a second: This Black History Month has seen the loss of quite possibly the greatest female vocalist of our time as well as the man who INVENTED the Soul Train […]

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Baratunde Thurston’s How To Be Black Book Signing

Monday evening, I stopped by the National Press Club to attend the book signing for How To Be Black by Baratunde Thurston. I am compelled to write about that evening for a number of reasons, but I will narrow them down to the top three and list them below: This book is very entertaining, and […]

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