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Throwback Thursday – Ugly Shirt Style

Who says I can’t make fun of myself? You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a sex symbol in this leaf-print shirt. Even with that unfortunate hairline my barber gave me, I thought I was the man. Walked up in Olan Mills like “BEHOLD! Your star has arrived!” Just thought I’d share this little slice of ugly shirt […]

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Jonin’ Jihad – The Jaheim Suit Edition

Jonin’ Jihad – The Jaheim Suit Edition

I have always liked Jaheim. The man is an R&B singer who actually sings like a grown man as opposed to a nasally, bird-chested little boy. For that, I respect him. However, the blue suit Twitter photos he posted from Whitney Houston’s funeral are unforgivable. Putting that outfit on display is more than enough to […]

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Me and My Ill-Fitting Britches

Ever notice that your outfit is f*cked up, AFTER you’ve left the house? Not a good feeling, is it? This morning, I put on a pair of khakis that I’ve never worn before, which have been in my closet for over a month. I was in a bit of a hurry to leave, so I […]

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Men With Ankle Tattoos

Today I learned that I know a grown man with an ankle tattoo. The guilty party was wearing loafers with no socks on, so this GROSS violation of #ManLaw was in plain sight, visible to the entire world. My first thought upon noticing the sockless style travesty was “Damn. I had no idea that he’s […]

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A Short-Sleeved Turtleneck?!

Sanford and Son was something else! I have the famous Rollo appreciation photo up on my Twitter profile, and my friend Shawn sent me the above picture of some tall fellow’s horribly epic fashion statement. Shawn and the legendary P from my tribute story started cracking jokes, and I’ve cut & pasted them below: LocStarSilva:  […]

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I See You Shining!

I really wish I could have worn this tux to my high school prom! It takes a special kind of motherf*cker to be seen in something this unbelievably ridiculous. This is the only suit on Earth that could actually blind someone in the right light. Gotta love it! Tweet

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This Is A Real Shirt

I saw this shirt the other day, and I felt that it was completely tasteless. You know it’s bad when that sentiment comes from someone whose best-selling T-shirt of all-time is “NWP: N*ggas With Perms.” Hell, the Hardest Working Man In Show Business’ lawyers even sent me personal instructions to stop selling my James Brown […]

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