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Top 5 Church Fan Illustrations of All-Time

Top 5 Church Fan Illustrations of All-Time

Due to popular demand, I’ve created actual blog entries for the tweets I posted under the #BlackBuzzFeed hashtag last week. First up is the Top Five Church Fan Illustrations of All Time since it was featured on Complex Magazine‘s site, Hip Hop Wired, and possibly other places I’ve yet to look. Without further adieu, let’s get […]

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Interview with Rob Delaney

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing comedian Rob Delaney. Along with stand-up, Delaney writes a very funny column for Vice Magazine and has a Twitter following over 400,000-strong. I asked Delaney about his social media presence, his advice for fellow comedians, and the joke contest which he is launching with Klondike. The actual […]

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Yes, that’s a Seal seal. Blame Twitter for this random slice of hybrid nonsensical hilarity. Tweet

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Minimum Wage Death

A CVS employee nearly killed me last week. As I was on my way home from a long day at work, I walked past a guy loading an 8-9 foot tall pallet stack of random drug store merchandise onto a truck. As soon as I made it one step beyond where the fellow was, he somehow […]

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The Ray J Rant

The Ray J Rant

When tweeting it real goes wrong: The nigga-net is going wild right now with this whole Ray J vs Fabolous beef that started on Twitter and allegedly branched off into real-life violence. One of Fabolous’ tweets made fun of Ray J, and he didn’t take too kindly to it. There are conflicting reports on whom […]

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My Scholarly Thoughts on Planking

Although I’m not big on the planking craze that the bulk of Black Twitter discovered this week, I have to admit; it’s really funny when it’s either ridiculously absurd or when it goes terribly wrong. For those who are not internet geeks like myself, here is the unofficial definition of planking, written by yours truly: […]

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Twitter: The Gang’s All Here

Twitter is great, but some people do not need the ability to broadcast their every thought in real-time. As much as this service has proven helpful and useful to millions, it is a hater hotbed and the birthplace of many an unfunny one-liner. The reason I feel compelled to talk about this topic is because […]

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