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KFC’s Slow Death Sandwich Is Here

Fried chicken. Bacon. Cheese. Then, MORE fried chicken. While part of me is disgusted by this new KFC Double Down sandwich, the other part of me is thinking “Leon, you like all of these things individually, so why not try it?” Luckily, my inner n*gga(which is rejoicing at the news of this sandwich) is not […]

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In Light Of All This Chicken Talk

A Chappelle’s Show clip that came to mind after seeing all this free chicken excitement. Enjoy it now, before YouTube shuts it down over copyright issues! Tweet

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Oprah Is Buying Us Chicken!

Oprah Winfrey, let me devote an entire entry to say “Thank you” for the free KFC coupon on your site. Now, I can test out Kentucky Grilled Chicken without having to spend any money on it! There is no better way to experiment on unfamiliar food. Even if I don’t like it, I spent nothing […]

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