Leon the Amateur Sex Symbol

This page was created as a resource to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that I get from readers. I plan to continue adding to this as new ones arise.

How To Contact Leon:

I want to ask you a question/tell you you’re great/solicit hot sex from you. How can I get in touch with the legendary Leon of ListenToLeon.net?

Use the contact form.

Before doing that however, please read this page and see if the answer to your question is already here. That might save time for both of us. If you do have a legitimate reason to get in contact with me that has not been addressed here, you can also reach me at leon @ listentoleon.net (no spaces). I definitely try my best to read and respond to all of the e-mails that I see.  After the questions, I have placed links to my profiles on various social networking sites.

Advertising, Promotion and All Things Business-Related:

I have a product, movie, album, event and/or venue that I’d like you to review. How can I make that happen?

Contact me via the form or at leon @ listentoleon.net (no spaces) with the details of what you have in mind, and I will take things into consideration then let you know. Keep in mind, I am going to be completely honest in my assessment should I choose to write about your product.

I am interested in advertising on ListenToLeon.net. What should I do?

Welcome, my friend! Any questions that you may have in regards to ad rates, placement and statistical info will be answered if you contact me via this form, or at this address: leon @ listentoleon.net (no spaces)

Can you add me to your blogroll?

I probably can. The question is will I add you to the blogroll.  If your site is something I think my readers will enjoy, then I’ll probably add it. I know that I attract a pretty diverse group of readers, so I’m not too particular, as long as it’s entertaining, useful, or informative. Also, it can’t be X-Rated. A lot of people read this site from work, and I don’t want to get anyone fired or end up on anyone’s list of banned sites at the office. So I’m sorry BigBootyGhettoNursesInHeat.com but we can’t be link buddies.

I am interested in guest-blogging on ListenToLeon.net. How can I make that happen?

I am definitely looking for guest bloggers and collaborators. I’m even working out a budget to pay for quality content as the site grows. Send me a few samples of your work, then give me some time to read it. If you’re a good fit for the site, I’ll let you know and we can work something out.

Personal Questions:

We know each other offline. Are you going to make fun of me on your blog?

Only if you do something extremely ridiculous and make a monumental ass out of yourself. Even then, I’d make sure that you’re OK with me putting it out there for the world to see.

If I ever see you in the street, are you approachable?

I most definitely am, as long as you’re not approaching me like some kind of weirdo stalker. If that’s the case, I’ll probably kick you in the chest so hard that all of your future children will be born with birthmarks in the shape of a Timberland footprint. If you’re nice and friendly, then I’ll be nice and friendly to you.

Is Leon Jr. jr really as formidable as you say it is?

That’s a matter of opinion. I haven’t gotten any complaints…Ever. Then again, I’m not some super-sized, half-man, half horse type of freakshow act either. Do not expect to see me on the front porch jumping rope with it, or rescuing drowning people in the sea by whipping it out and casting it to them from the shore. Still, I can look down and honestly say that God must like me better than most people.

Leon, I’m not all that attractive, but I really am a nice person. Will you have sex with me?


Leon, I am very attractive. Will you have sex with me?

It’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever have sex with you…but since you’re hot, feel free to keep trying. I do like to get my ego stroked by good-looking ladies. What man doesn’t? Besides, you just might be “The One” or something…but like I said, that’s not too likely.

Where are you from?

Originally from Fredericksburg, VA. These days, Washington, DC is the place that I call home.

You’re light-skinned with curly hair. What’s your ethnicity?

I’m Black, and waaaay down the line, there is a little bit of Native American. So yes, I actually do have “Indian in my family,” and no I’m not Puerto-Rican, Dominican, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, or any of the other numerous ethnic backgrounds for which I have been mistaken.

Why do you keep typing your email address as leon @ listentoleon.net (no spaces) instead of just linking to it?

Because I get way too much spam. The next person that spams my inbox is going to have to come up off some precious keystrokes before they get me!

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