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Let Manti Te’o Live

Let Manti Te’o Live

Quite frankly, I am tired of hearing about Manti Te’o and his fake-me-out girlfriend. I understand why people are captivated with this story, because it is all kinds of convoluted and for lack of a better word, strange. Some reports back up Te’o’s claim of being scammed, while others make him look like the scam […]

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I Was The Black Magic Mike

You have to love how friends find ways of reminding you of moments you thought your mind had fully repressed. Unfortunately my blocked out recollections were somewhat strippery. I went to New York last weekend to see my best friends from college, Wade and E. While there, E reminded me of something I’d totally forgotten: […]

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The Gospel

I may not strike you all as the most religious figure in the world. I mean, I curse a lot, I’ll l talk openly about almost any tasteless topic known to mankind, and I even went so far as to blaspheme over fried chicken yesterday. My twitter status was as follows: “Chik-Fil-A nuggets are so […]

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Tough Love Via Fake Mike Epps

I’m convinced daytime TV destroys more brain cells than drugs. I wonder how many paternity tests, fist fights, court shows, lie detector results and hours of Kathie Lee & Hoda it would take to kill a man. Out of everything that bothers me about daytime TV, sadly, one set of commercials stands out: Everest College. […]

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Damn! Daamn!! Daaaamn!!!

I’m posting this photo of Florida Evans from the most dramatic moment in Black TV history because, well, I miss you guys. I’ve been a little under the weather this week, and it’s affected my posting. Mainly because medicine makes me sleepy, and well, it’s impossible to type while unconscious.When I saw that it’s Thursday […]

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about NCAA Tournament time! What other time of the year is it acceptable to openly gamble and talk sh*t at your job? Most of you have probably already turned in your brackets and put your money up for the office pool by now, so I know someone out […]

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6 Overtimes?!

Usually around this time of year, I’m watching Georgetown kick ass in the Big East tournament. Since my favorite college team to watch since age 5 got beaten in the first round, I really didn’t know what to do about this year’s tournament. Thankfully, there have been a lot of great games that took my […]

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