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Rappers In Skirts

Your favorite rapper wears a dress. I see this as less of a statement on hip-hop in general, and more of a statement on men’s fashion today. Traditional gender roles notwithstanding, this photo begs the question: What’s next? Will Lil’ Wayne have America’s male youth walking around in panties and pumps? I don’t have any […]

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A Short-Sleeved Turtleneck?!

Sanford and Son was something else! I have the famous Rollo appreciation photo up on my Twitter profile, and my friend Shawn sent me the above picture of some tall fellow’s horribly epic fashion statement. Shawn and the legendary P from my tribute story started cracking jokes, and I’ve cut & pasted them below: LocStarSilva:  […]

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Damn These Sales Sites

Why is it that every time sites like Editor’s Closet and Ivory Trunk have actual sales that I’m interested in, they always happen when my money is tight? I swear these people must be looking at my account balance and saying to themselves “Let’s have the Tag Heuer AND the Movado watch sale right after […]

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Leon’s Dress Shirt Is SO SMALL…

…It looks like body paint. …You can see my heart beating in it. People can read my pulse from across the room. …I look like the Dominican Incredible Hulk. ….I look like some kind of traveling stripper. Like I’m going to arrive at a bachelorette party, rip it open and say “Ladies, it’s time to […]

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Marion Barry

DC Politicians and Their Signature Styles

What is it with so many DC politicians having their own signature style of dress? Does this happen in any other part of the country? Or is it just a DC thing? Below, I have listed some well known DC politicians, and analyzed their respective fashion calling cards for your enjoyment. Please laugh, because this […]

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