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Let Manti Te’o Live

Let Manti Te’o Live

Quite frankly, I am tired of hearing about Manti Te’o and his fake-me-out girlfriend. I understand why people are captivated with this story, because it is all kinds of convoluted and for lack of a better word, strange. Some reports back up Te’o’s claim of being scammed, while others make him look like the scam […]

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DeAngelo Hall

I Owe DeAngelo Hall an Apology

Drunken conversations with famous people never go well for me. I was out last night celebrating the birthdays of my friends Monica and Rob. During the course of the evening, alcohol happened, and I went from Laid Back Leon to the Light Skinned Incredible Hulk. At a certain point, I saw DeAngelo Hall of the […]

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Welcome Back, NFL!

I’m really glad that the NFL lockout is over. With the NBA still locked out, at least I know one of my favorite sports will be on TV. We faced a Fall of ESPN programming that would have had to air random events like the World Series of Thumb Wrestling or the NCAA Beer Pong […]

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Fall Weather Memories

Fall Weather Memories

I used to hate the Fall. In my young student mind, it always signified the end of Summer fun, and the beginning of another school year. However, as I’ve gotten older, the onset of Fall weather starts to bring about a certain nostalgic feeling that makes me smile. The first set of memories that come […]

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One of the Perks of Blogging – Ladies Flag Football!

Sometimes I think to myself, “Leon, you’re unbelievably awesome. So awesome, in fact, that you’ve probably outgrown this blogger geek thing.” Then, there are days that remind me why I do what I do. One such day was last Sunday, when a friend of mine asked me to referee an all-ladies’ flag football scrimmage. I’m […]

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Albert Haynesworth vs the Redskins

Any very large Washington Redskins fans out there? If so, I need you to do me a favor, and slap some sense into Albert Haynesworth. I’d personally do it, but you know…he’s a giant human being. I have to ask my 300-pound muscle-bound readers to handle this for me, since it’s obvious Big Al would […]

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This Expresssion Speaks Volumes

The Redskins last game was so bad, CBS Sports switched their broadcast over to the Ravens/Packers game, claiming they were experiencing “technical difficulties.” They should have kept it real and admitted that their real concern was “people changing the channel” difficulties. Anybody with eyesight would have understood. I think Sherman Lewis’ look sums things up […]

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