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My First Television Writing Credit

My First Television Writing Credit

A few weeks back, I mentioned to you all that I co-wrote a sketch with the DC Comedy Writers Group for the CNN-hosted Congressional Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner. I meant to post it earlier, but I managed to lock myself out of this blog while working on technical updates and had to figure out a […]

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The Greasy R&B Valentines Mixtape

The Greasy R&B Valentines Mixtape

I decided to dedicate this year’s Valentines Mixtape to greasy R&B music. To qualify, the songs here had to fit these criteria: The artist performing it had to actually appear quite greasy The lyrical content had to be horny on a cartoonish level. Like, Glen Quagmire’s iPod-level horny The track could strictly have either one […]

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On The Comeback Trail

What’s happening internet! It’s been a long time. I know, I know. It’s almost unthinkable to be in February and realize that this is my first blog entry of 2014. I hope at least a few of you out there still care about what I have to say over here. If so, let me know […]

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Jordan Had To Start Somewhere

Jordan Had To Start Somewhere

Before MJ was selling shoes & Hanes, he was hawking hair care products. I hope “Ultra Star” isn’t the reason he’s bald now. If so, it proved great for marketing since Michael Jordan was the undisputed king of the shaved scalp back in those days. I love that “Martin” from the Cosby Show, a.k.a. “Wayman […]

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Beyonce: Poise in the Face of Butt Slaps

  I am proud of Beyonce for how she handled the fan who tried to smack her behind onstage. It took me three listens to understand what she said, God bless her & her Country Grammar, but she was smooth about the situation. The woman literally did not miss a beat as she  moved on […]

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The Good, The Bad and The Funny

I was recently in a street fight, wielding a monkey wrench. Thankfully, it was just a promo video for my friend Martin Amini’s comedy night as opposed to a real battle. If it had been real, I would not be here confessing to committing such a violent felony in print on a blog. I’d probably be on the run somewhere. That, or […]

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DMX  Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer  – YouTube-110313

I Want to Make a Christmas Album With DMX

This clip is a few days old, which in internet time is like a decade. Still, I cannot help but watch it and hope that some way, somehow, DMX releases a Christmas album in the next two weeks. Music industry execs, PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! On the topic of Christmas albums, I bought Cee-Lo Green’s […]

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