My Cat From Hell

Jackson Galaxy, I need your help! My girlfriend’s cat, Pepper, is a hater. BIG TIME. Whenever I visit her Pepper waits for me to leave the room then pees in the exact spot where I was sitting. Readers: have you ever smelled fresh cat urine before? It is not for the faint of heart. Cats […]

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Top 5 Church Fan Illustrations of All-Time

Top 5 Church Fan Illustrations of All-Time

Due to popular demand, I’ve created actual blog entries for the tweets I posted under the #BlackBuzzFeed hashtag last week. First up is the Top Five Church Fan Illustrations of All Time since it was featured on Complex Magazine‘s site, Hip Hop Wired, and possibly other places I’ve yet to look. Without further adieu, let’s get […]

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Game 7 and Other Assorted Thoughts

The NBA Finals are going to a decisive Game 7. This is all that a basketball fan could ever hope for. Two evenly-matched teams putting it all on the line, with everything at stake over the course of 48 minutes. That felt dramatic just typing it. I had a chill run through my body. Then […]

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The Most Lightskinned Move Ever

Last weekend I sat at my desk and wondered “What is the most stereotypically light skinned thing you could ever do?” Then, the ad above happened. I am totally sending my picture in to the S-Curl people. I could be this generation’s Stoney Jackson! The best part about it is that I don’t use anything […]

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84 Year Old Lottery Winners

I have no problem with an 84 year old woman hitting the Powerball jackpot. A lot of people have made jokes about Gloria Mackenzie winning the $590 million prize, but I am happy for her. If I were 84 years old and hit the Powerball jackpot, I would not make it to 85. I’d do all […]

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Jordan Had To Start Somewhere

Jordan Had To Start Somewhere

Before MJ was selling shoes & Hanes, he was hawking hair care products. I hope “Ultra Star” isn’t the reason he’s bald now. If so, it proved great for marketing since Michael Jordan was the undisputed king of the shaved scalp back in those days. I love that “Martin” from the Cosby Show, a.k.a. “Wayman […]

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Beyonce: Poise in the Face of Butt Slaps

  I am proud of Beyonce for how she handled the fan who tried to smack her behind onstage. It took me three listens to understand what she said, God bless her & her Country Grammar, but she was smooth about the situation. The woman literally did not miss a beat as she  moved on […]

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